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Our Culture

Lone Star Communications, Inc. – A Culture of Servant Leadership

100% of our customer base is referenceable at all times.

Our customers are delighted to share their experiences and we encourage and facilitate collaboration meetings between providers regularly.

In a healthcare facility, we have dedicated Account Managers, who like a nurse, continuously check our “patient’s health” and satisfaction. They are our customer advocates and are empowered to instantly refocus resources at any level in the company and keep all of your stakeholders informed at all times. As busy as providers have become over the past few short years, our Account Managers’ full-time responsibility is to keep everyone that needs to know informed with timely and accurate progress updates. Continuous communications ultimately reduce costly distractions that waste providers’ time, and minimize frustration and risk. Ultimately our goal is to integrate our culture seamlessly into the provider’s culture to maintain the highest return on investment possible and collaborate regularly to drive transformational change over the life of the investment.

Prominently in our office we display and track daily the satisfaction levels for every entity we support. Much like acuity levels for a patient, we code the health and satisfaction of each entity as either Green, Yellow, or Red. Measured evidence drives cultural behavior.


The color green indicates all conditions are optimal and the entity leaders at all levels are very referenceable.


The color yellow indicates the Account Manager has escalated a situation (analogous to moving a patient to ICU), and that all of the correct resources are focused and actively engaged. They report each day to both the provider and the Lone Star executive teams until the situation has been resolved to the provider’s satisfaction. The provider makes the decision when to return their status back to Green, not the Account Manager.


The color red indicates a “Code Blue” and is rare. Examples of this situation would be a major outage due to power, water damage, and physical damage. From a process perspective, it is a requirement for our entire leadership team and our CEO to become directly involved until the situation is resolved ensuring nothing else is of a higher priority throughout the company.

Giving Back – A Culture of Servant Leadership

We are very actively involved in the DFW HIMSS chapter. Our VP of Sales has been on the Board of Directors for 5 years and was the Chapter President in 2014. We have provided professional audio and video services for the past 30 consecutive member education events at no cost to the Chapter for its meetings and in order to provide members unable to attend these key events with high-quality recordings online.

From the DFW ANIA Chapter’s inception, Lone Star Communications has been responsible for all sponsorship involvement to fund Chapter events so the members can focus on their mission and not on raising money to operate.

Angel Flight
Angel Flight is a volunteer service providing air transportation to those who are critically ill and unable to afford transportation to care. Our CEO is our pilot and has done scores of missions for those seeking treatment as well as providing emergency response services during hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake. 100% of these non-reimbursable costs were covered by Lone Star Communications.

Multi-Provider Collaborative Innovation Teams
Multi-provider collaboration is key to innovation, avoiding costly mistakes, and leveraging fully what is most effective. Lone Star facilitates collaboration between providers to share best practices focused on clinical workflow automation.