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Our Leadership Team

Raymond Bailey

Raymond Bailey
President and CEO

Ray has been focused on quality and customer service his entire career. From Lone Star’s first day 25 years ago, Ray has been obsessed with making the customer experience exceptional. Lone Star company mission statement “Do it right the first time, on time, every time” says it all. Ray has been involved in taking this message to other companies though his time on the NSCA, National Systems Contracting Association, and Board of Directors; where Ray has served 12 years in every capacity of the board and Executive committee including 4 years as President of SystemsPlus Mutual Insurance Company, NSCA’s wholly owned insurance company.
Currently, Ray serves on the Standard of Excellence (SOE) steering committee, a group committed to the standardization of installation practices for Rauland distributors nationwide. The ultimate goal of this group is to provide guidelines for standards of installation that result in achieving the expected outcomes for every installation in Texas as well as the other 49 states, whether installed by Lone Star or any other Rauland distributor.
In addition to work, Ray’s hobby, flying, has become his passion as well. He not only provides volunteer services for the Boy Scouts for Aviation day, but provides instruction to future pilots during EAA, Experimental Aviation Association, Young Eagles Rallies in North Texas. Ray also volunteers with Angel Flight South Central, an organization dedicated to providing free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes and has personally flown more than 200 missions over the past 12 years. Most of these flights fly to Houston providing cancer patients with transportation to and from their home cities in Texas and surrounding states directly to MD Anderson Medical Center and other Houston hospitals. Ray has been involved in humanitarian missions flying into Baton Rouge with the Angel Flight Executive director to lay the ground work for a record number of relocation flights after hurricane Katrina and evacuation flights into Beaumont just as hurricane Rita was about to hit land. Ray additionally made three trips to Haiti after the Haitian earthquake in 2010 bringing doctors into Port au Prince and flying food and medical supplies from the Dominican Republic and most cities within Haiti.

Ray now serves on the Board for Angel Flight South Central with the hope of expanding the Angel Flight missions to many more pilots in North Texas.

Ron Kruse

Ron Kruse
COO Chief Operation Officer

Ron began his tenure in 1992. During the early growth of Lone Star Communications Ron estimated, engineered, installed, programmed and serviced all our products until we could grow to support the multiple specialists we have today. Ron was the Vice President of Engineering in the Grand Prairie office for twenty years from 1997 to 2017 with a key role in Sales support. Ron was part of the original ISO Standards Committee in 2003 improving work flow and assisting in annual ISO audits.

In October 2017, Ron assumed the helm of the Lone Star Communications Houston office continuing in that office’s long tradition of making Lifetime Customers by providing a quality product on time, every time. Ron’s general duties at LSCH include oversight of administration, sales, engineering and operations groups; staying focused on the company’s short-term and long-term forecasts and coordinating intelligence from both the Dallas and Houston markets to better serve our customers.

Ron holds an EET degree from Purdue Northwest and has been a BISCI RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) since 1997. In 2007, Ron was selected as the NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association) Instructor of the Year and received the Dale Carnegie Highest Award for Achievement in 2017. He likes to geek-out by installing and programming a Christmas light show of over 1,000 channels each year and is the proud owner of a 1958 Edsel station wagon. Ron is the father of one daughter (Boomer Sooner), is a private pilot, and is an ALS Association Texas Chapter volunteer.

James Hendrix

Jim Hendrix

Jim has been the Chief Financial Officer of Lone Star Communications, Inc. for the past fifteen years. He has served in the financial and accounting industries his entire career. Jim’s experience includes serving as the CFO and Vice President of Finance of various significant companies owned by a publicly-held company, serving as the Managing Partner in a mid-sized public accounting firm, and working several years at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. While Managing Partner of the mid-sized public accounting firm, Jim was responsible for the oversight of the firm’s attestation, auditing, and accounting practice which always received the highest grade possible in connection with its peer reviews conducted by the SEC Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”).

Duties at Lone Star Communications, Inc. include supervising and reviewing the preparation of all monthly, quarterly and annual historical financial statements of the Company as well the Company’s short term and long term forecasts. In addition, Jim has been an integral participant in the Company’s merger and acquisition efforts and for several years, Jim served as the Company’s Management Representative with respect to the Company’s Quality Control efforts which are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Jim is a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) in the state of Texas and has earned the Chartered Global Management Accountant “CGMA” designation issued by the AICPA.

Jim is the father of twin boys and has been an avid golfer since childhood.

Dan Hiett

Dan Hiett
SVP Operations

Dan Hiett, Senior Vice President of Operations, has trained and coached the Project Management team in providing a quality experience for their customers.

Lone Star Communications has been his home since 1993. Through the years Dan has experienced all aspects of Project Management in the Healthcare and K-12 markets. Dan is trusted with the Operations Department which includes all project managers and technicians required to provide professionally managed solutions for each of our customers. The systems installed by his team are more than boxes, these systems provide simple communications and a safer environment for those who use them.

In 1973 Dan started his career in communications using Rauland intercom products later adding Responder Nurse call systems.

Dan loves to talk about antique tractors. Also, he looks forward to his next snowmobile adventure.

Patt Bowles

Patt Bowles
SVP Customer Service

Patt Bowles, our Executive Vice President of Customer Services, was actually one of our very satisfied customers before coming to Lone Star Communications, Inc. in 1996 to fill a newly created role of Systems Trainer. Having long been an outspoken advocate of Lone Star’s devotion to absolute customer satisfaction, Patt brought with her more than 15 years as an educator, media specialist and administrator. Patt brought the direct perspective of the Customer to her position so much so that in 2001 an entirely new division of Lone Star Communications, Inc. was created, Customer Services, with Patt leading the team as the Director of Customer Services. This newly formed division encompassed the Service Team, Trainers and Quality Control and provided a group whose sole responsibility it is to ensure all customers receive the highest level of attention to address their needs for technical support, training, needs assessment, workflow management and system improvement.

From this group, Lone Star Communications, Inc. formalized the quality processes throughout every aspect of the company to align with ISO Standards of Quality. For every year since 2003, Lone Star Communications, Inc. has been granted recertification to ISO and registered to UL. This adherence to the standards further serve to demonstrate the commitment to quality that exceed the norm and is the vehicle driving each employee’s dedication to continual improvement.

Other than providing all customers with exceptional encounters with Lone Star Communications, Inc., Patt’s greatest joy comes through multiple activities with her grandchildren, utilizing her tech skills to enhance worship at her Church, and spending time with her hubby traveling.

Hashem Tahajjod

Hashem Tahajjod

Hashem Tahajjod is the Chief Information Officer at Lone Star Communications, Inc. a full service technology company providing and integrating state of the art voice, data, and video solutions, for the Healthcare and Education.

He is a member of the Northeastern University Alumni Association has served on the Board of Directors of TriColor International, Inc. Mr. Tahajjod has also done significant voluntary work for Plano Youth Soccer (a multimillion dollar youth sports association and at the time the second largest USYSA member association) and has volunteered many hours with his family support of the Frisco Senior Community Center.

He is a graduate of Northeastern University where he earned an Electrical Engineering Degree and then followed up with a masters at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His focused personal drive and education have resulted in him being part of the executive management teams for companies such as VMX / Lucent / Avaya, Octel, Amdahl, Compaq, Weblink Wireless to name a few.

His expertise in problem solving where others have failed has earned him the recognition from many industry executives as well as his peers, this is possibly one of his strongest assets. One of his distinct strengths is his ability to cross over areas of expertise from Information Technology, to Telecommunications, to Network System Design and more. He was an integral team leader of developing Security Solutions Architect and Enterprise security services.

Mr. Tahajjod lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife of 17 years and their lovely Daughter Desirae. When he can find time away from work he enjoys the solitude of spending time at his East Texas farm away from the busy city and business life and give him a chance to recharge to tackle the next major project that comes his way.

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson
VP Sales and Marketing

Joe Jackson, sales executive and mentor, is a dedicated leader of DFW HIMSS (a HIMSS Fellow) whose volunteering efforts includes the honor of serving as a Chapter President and advisor to the DFW American Nursing Informatics Association. Joe has held a multitude of executive leadership positions for both public and private companies, and is currently leading Lone Star Communications as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is tireless when it comes to taking on complex healthcare technology issues and is the author of the North Texas Healthcare Thought Leadership blog (healthcaretl.com) that helps clinical and IT leaders collaborate and focus on key issues, what’s working, and what isn’t. He is humbled to consult regularly with the top healthcare organizations in North Texas, helping them innovate. Joe’s passion is to help provide the best levels of patient care through innovation and reduce the overall cost of healthcare by making outcomes more predictable.

DFW HIMSS President Elect 2014
DFW HIMSS VP Programs 2012-13
Texas Regional HIMSS Sponsorship Chair 2013
Blog: www.healthcaretl.com