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Rauland-Borg's Telecenter U

One Network Solution:

Many communication technologies united by a single link—that’s the advantage Telecenter U brings to your educational environment.

Everywhere Connections

Telecenter U is a web-based system that connects and drives the equipment you already have in place throughout the school, around the campus and across the district. The system links all of your separate communication technologies—intercom/paging, PA/sound and emergency—in all of your locations to deliver a seamless, unified solution.

Telecenter U leverages your investment in your existing IT structure by working with systems you have in place today, whether or not they’re made by Rauland-Borg. All communication functions are easily accessible from any device with a web browser.

Telecenter U consists of two components:

  • Software installed in a single location within a school district or large campus.
  • “Page modules” that interface with intercom/paging systems or PA/sound systems located in your various buildings.

Emergencies - Smart Response:

In a crisis situation, confidence counts. With Telecenter U, your personnel don’t have to think twice about how to activate an emergency sequence

Whether you’re facing a lock out, lock down, evacuation, weather emergency or any other situation that demands a rapid response, Telecenter U enables you to take action quickly and confidently.

Safety First

Telecenter U enhances your school or district’s unique crisis plan by connecting all of your facilities and guaranteeing synchronized communication. You can create a sequence of events—including pre-recorded voice announcements, tones and other critical notifications—for a wide range of emergencies. A sequence can be activated from any location via a Web browser or telephone for the entire system, a designated group of facilities or a single school.

How well your school responds during an emergency hinges in part on your crisis management strategy. Telecenter U helps you take a proactive approach by letting you pre-record messages that provide instructions for different crisis scenarios.

Event Management - Smart Schedules:

Routine event management has never been easier. Telecenter U lets you create and modify schedules effortlessly via the Web.

Students, teachers, staff and parents depend on schedules for a smooth school day, and Telecenter U makes managing those schedules virtually effortless.

Effortless Scheduling

When a school or district is off schedule, late dismissals and time fluctuations disrupt instructional time and after-school activities. When your communications systems are linked via Telecenter U, schedules in every facility run accurately and efficiently.

With this smart solution, bell schedules can be pre-planned, sending tones, voice and music to the desired locations from anywhere on your campus. Thanks to Telecenter U you can program your calendar for a whole year.

Every day or once a year, staff can easily manage any event your calendar demands such as:

  • Classroom change tones
  • Dismissal bells
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Playing of music in hallways before and after school and during passing periods
  • National anthem and Pledge of Allegiance
  • Bus dismissals
  • Adapted schedules (half-day, for example).

You can designate anyone to manage your routine events schedule—either at the school level, campus-wide or across the district—from anywhere on your network. Authorized personnel simply access the Telecenter U network via easy-to-navigate Web pages and use the intuitive calendar interface to assign a particular schedule to a specific day or as a recurring event.

Everyday Communication - Smart Days:

Telecenter U handles all of your daily live communication needs, whether within a single location, across multiple facilities or throughout your entire district.

With Telecenter U, live communication is simple and targeted; it’s a solution that can be used all day, every day.

Versatility In Action

Just login on any PC with a Web browser within your school, and you’re ready to communicate to a single location, a group of facilities or your entire district. The system handles all of your everyday needs by connecting to disparate systems that communicate messages regarding daily operations, including:

  • Morning announcements
  • After-school announcements
  • Paging
  • Lunch
  • Celebrations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Athletic team announcements

With Telecenter U, you can rely on a single system—unified and simple.

Intercom Systems

Rauland’s Telecenter systems offer the maximum in flexibility for a total integrated solution. Systems are designed to meet all the communication needs of today’s education facilities. Classroom phones, call buttons, intercoms, public address, audio program distribution, and class changing signaling are designed for ease of use. Systems are designed to interface easily to any phone.

Telecenter is ideal for improving communications within the school, as well as, within the district.

Threat Management Automation

When Rauland introduced Telecenter U in 2012 it revolutionized the way we now look at life safety communications technology in schools across the country. It too is IP based and software controlled with heavy emphasis on Threat Management Automation. For the first time a school district can take their emergency action plans for weather, active shooter, and other threats and automate their successful outcomes rather than depending upon human behavior under extreme stress. Executive leadership for the first time in decades’ now have Telecenter U as their most powerful tool in their strategy to manage critical communications processes as well as simplifying routine tasks such as automated bell schedules, scheduled announcements and mobile connectivity using their smart devices for instant communication. Financially it is a win for the leadership team as well. Telecenter U has a wide range of device interfaces to interoperate with legacy systems the district already has in place, that still work well, and have been paid for. Systems such as intercoms, access control, HVAC, security systems, lighting that aren’t “smart” by todays digital standards can now be controlled with intelligence by Telecenter U to further extend the life of these investments.

Access Control

Lone Star Communications designs and installs access control solutions that are reliable, scalable and easy to use. Our design team is skilled in implementing systems that will meet the needs of today’s building owners and operators, and the convergence of IT and security.

Our strategic partners are industry leaders in access control technology and application. They share our commitment to provide access control solutions that work seamlessly.

We provide access control solutions that include:

  • Biometrics
  • Photo Imaging
  • Visitor Management
  • Wireless Readers

Digital Surveillance

Lone Star Communications has the people, products and services in place to help design, install, and manage your video surveillance needs. Video surveillance can act as a visual deterrent to crime and provide the information needed to expedite investigations, evaluate operational issues and track employee movement and safety. It provides real-time event monitoring at your location and remotely if needed.

Our strategic partners are industry leaders that offer the most advanced solutions available including:

  • Network Based – IP Digital Video
  • Digital Video Recording
  • Camera Positioning Systems
  • Intelligent Video
  • Alarm Management Systems

Perimeter Security

Lone Star Communications has the people, products and services in place to help design, install and manage your security needs. Immediate notification of an unwanted intruder is critical to an overall security strategy. We combine the most advanced solutions to protect your people and property. We pride ourselves on providing sophisticated, but simple solutions to your security challenges.

  • Intrusion Detection Products
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control Systems
  • Motion Sensing
  • Magnetic Switches
  • Glass Break Detectors

Audio and Video Systems

Educators continue to strive for excellence in the face of rising costs. Advances in audio and video technology have opened up new areas to cost effectively improve the productivity and performance of the education experience. Applications that provide recorded or live classroom instruction can be distributed to classrooms, cafeterias, public areas or student residences. Communication via integrated audio and video systems can assist educators in fulfilling their mission by utilizing the latest in audio and video technology. Lone Star Communications can assist you in finding cost-effective solutions for your facilities.

Master Clock Systems

Rauland’s complete line of timekeeping solutions ensures your school or facility is always on-time. All Rauland analog and digital clock systems are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance while being backed by the best warranty (5 years) in the industry. The versatile TCAMCS (atomic clock synchronization module) can set all clocks to the exact same time. With only a network connection, the TCAMCS can acquire atomic time and generate the correction code necessary to synchronize all clocks connected to it, including clocks from other vendors.

Public Address

Rauland provides Public Address Systems that include intercom-only, paging and intercom, and complete paging intercom and phone communications packages. With an extensive Accessory line for Public Address Systems, Rauland supplies a single-vendor solution to bring easy-to-use, reliable communications to your facility.

Boardroom Systems

Lone Star Communications provides the expertise and innovative products required to meet the requirements for boardroom applications. As a distributor of Biamp Systems we are able to design and install feature rich, cost effective communication system solutions for any application. We can supply your boardroom with distance conferencing, multiple speaker zones and touch screen control. Lone Star Communications can provide the quality sound systems you require to ensure your users are communicating effectively.

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Lone Star Communications, Inc. (LSCI) was founded in 1991 by Raymond Bailey with a set of guiding principles and a handful of people with a shared vision. That vision clearly stated was, “Excellence in Workmanship will be our goal.” Our status as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and UL registered company is evidence of our continuing commitment to excellence in workmanship.
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