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Healthcare Solutions

Interoperability Made Simple.

In Healthcare – interoperability is not a luxury, it is a requirement. Unlike any other industry, healthcare evolves constantly with fresh new ideas to solve key issues. A large Texas IDN put it best: “Responder 5 is the ‘hub’ of clinical workflow communications and the technologies connected to it are only as relevant as their ability to interoperate with it”.


In the late 2000’s as the nurse call market leaders shifted from hardwired technology to IP based, software controlled technology they had a choice to make; develop proprietary systems or develop to open system standards. Rauland’s choice was to embrace open standards from the very first commercially produced Responder 5 system. The word “proprietary” is the direct opposite of interoperable and thus, overwhelmingly, providers world-wide have made Responder 5 their standard clinical workflow platform to make interoperability simple. In just a few short years, nurse call has moved from a “tactical utility investment” to the second most strategic investment to drive predictable outcomes, second only to EHR.

Acute Solutions

Responder 5: Delivering Speed and Simplicity in a complete nurse call system

Fast, Direct Communication
With Responder 5 the right person gets the right call at the right time. Calls coming from a patient can be relayed directly to the nurse’s wireless phone or pager – real time. Nurses can consult with other staff members or with physicians – direct contact. Best of all, this nurse call system is quiet – which promotes a healing stress free environment.

Simple to Use, Easy to Learn
Responder 5 use is intuitive – so training staff is easy. With one touch of a button a nurse can be reached, a call can be forwarded or canceled, and a nurse can contact other hospital staff. Sign on and off duty takes only seconds – promoting efficiency. Everything about Responder 5 relieves nurses from wasted effort, so they can spend more time on what matters most – quality patient care.

Streamlined Workflow
With Responder 5, the push of one button in surgery can tell environmental services to clean the room, central supply to stock supplies, and the PACU that a patient is coming from surgery. Because the system integrates with other technologies (such as wireless phones and pagers), staff can work more efficiently and effectively.

Complete and Customized Solution
Responder 5 connects patients to staff by linking the capabilities of the latest wireless technology with traditional “nurse call” equipment. Responder 5 is designed to fit each hospital’s environment. Our certified distributors understand hospital systems and processes and make Responder work to its greatest advantage in each case. They will work to customize Responder 5 to fit your call process so the system works like you do.

Extraordinary Quality and Service
Rauland-Borg’s track record illustrates our customer commitment. Our only business is the design and manufacture of communications and life-safety equipment for institutional environments. We’re the industry leader for a good reason. We are nurse call.

Non-Acute Solutions

Responder 4000: For All Facility Types

Responder 4000 is designed specifically for the needs of the entire spectrum of healthcare facilities – from hospitals to independent and assisted living environments –Responder 4000 offers more features and value than any other communications system.

Responder 4000 streamlines communication among staff and patients so your facility can deliver the best possible care. It takes the guesswork out of patient calls and makes your caregivers’ tasks a little easier – providing a critical staff and staffing benefit.

Customized to Meet Your Needs, Today and Tomorrow
Responder 4000 offers your facility many, if not all, of the features of far more expensive acute-care communications systems.

Room stations offer voice and non-voice options, as well as traditional code blue, push for help, and resident check-in. You’ll also find an impressive selection of staff stations – including staff call, duty station, staff registration and staff assist. Accessories include bright LED corridor lights, pillow speakers, call cords – a whole menu of components designed to tailor Responder 4000 to your specific needs.

  • Expandable and scalable; designed for today and tomorrow
  • Communication consoles and annunciate panels
  • Wide range of speech and non-speech room stations
  • Staff call, staff registration, staff assist and duty stations
  • Pillow speakers, LED corridor lights, and accessories
  • Wireless pendants and patient wandering systems

A Fundamental Nurse Call System That is Easy-to-Install, Maintain, and Adapt

  • Responder 4000 networks your entire facility, with centralized code answering and paging for unparalleled coverage.
  • Installation requires a minimum of cabling, and the system offers self-diagnostics, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting.
  • The flexible Responder 4000 system is versatile, affordable, and expandable.
  • Responder 4000 easily integrates with Responder IV networks, making it ideal for hospitals with sub-acute and long-term care facilities.
  • Responder 4000 is designed for years of dependability and minimal maintenance; so your staff can focus on other concerns.
  • Designed for CE marking and meets UL-1069 listed for life safety grade reliability.

Workflow Solutions

Responder simplifies and streamlines Workflow

The way Responder works – fast, direct communication via integrated systems – your staff can work smarter, not harder. The right call, to the right people, at the right time – that makes everyone more efficient and effective. When you choose Responder, we conduct a needs assessment in which we map out your organization’s vital processes, then configure your nurse call system to enable an optimized workflow.

Our reporting software will allow you to gather real-time data and analyze it on the fly. By calculating your staff’s response time, frequency of activity, and other important factors automatically, Responder makes decision making easier.

Six Sigma
Responder supports continuous efforts to achieve and sustain quality improvement. We realize top-level management appreciates hard numbers to back up claims of efficiency, and the Responder system can produce those. Our manufacturing processes reflect Rauland’s “zero defects” philosophy, so you can be confident that our product will help you meet your quality goals.

Responder 5 Has Open Interface To All RTLS Vendors

Choose The Locating System That Is Right For You
Responder 5’s Open Architectural Interface (OAI) was created with you in mind. We worked with all the major locating vendors to come to a consensus on how information should be shared between systems. This allows you to pick a locating system that meets your unique needs and increases the mobility of your caregivers.

Locating Staff Improves Staff Efficiency
By using a locating device in your facility, these systems allow you to track and document staff interactions with patients, response times to patient calls, and time/care spent on a patient. This information is updated automatically and allows you to gather the data important to you to improve patient care and staff satisfaction.

  • Real-time access and visibility lets you locate staff quickly and easily.
  • Staff registration is hands-free; non-emergency calls are automatically cancelled when the nurse enters the patient’s room.
  • Responder lets you gather information for reporting and quality control.

Bed Management Solutions

Faster Bed Turnover, Better Bed Management

Responder Saves Time and Eliminates Wasted Steps
Effective bed management begins with a simple-to-use nurse call system – that leads to a higher rate of compliance. With Responder, the press of a button contacts environmental services or housekeeping instantly through pocket paging or real-time PC screens. Which rooms need service? Which are available? With Responder, your staff will be notified immediately when a room is ready – eliminating wait time.

  • Prevent lost revenue with real-time bed ready notification displays showing all available beds.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and speed bed turnover time with reporting tools.
  • Automatic notification to admissions when a bed is available.

Convenience and Satisfaction for Everyone
When communication is clear and timely, everyone benefits. Staff appreciates the end of “is there a bed available?” guessing games. Patients appreciate moving in and out of rooms quickly. And hospital management appreciates faster bed turnover rates that can translate to increased profits.

Wireless Bed Interface: Remove the Cost of Cable

No Cord Means Less Maintenance
By wirelessly connecting your feature beds, you ensure that your beds are always connected – nurses are notified of fall risks from bed exit alarms and the nurse call button on the side rails is active. It eliminates the need of cables to plug in to the wall and bed; instead, pressing two buttons quickly and easily link the bed to activate the nurse call. If caregivers forget to link the bed, a reminder tone will sound, notifying staff a bed is unlinked – and not plugged in.

Bed cables can be a hassle. The Wireless Bed Interface rids of cable use and promotes patient safety:

  • Bed cables trigger high maintenance costs. Making the connection wireless eliminates the cost of cable failur.
  • A wireless bed unit is permanently connected to each bed and a wireless wall unit is permanently installed in each room – no more lost cable.
  • The wall unit is universal; it links to any bed unit.
  • Bed units are available for Stryker or Hill-Rom feature beds; you can also mix models in your facility.

Alarm Management Solutions

Responder integrates with Alarms

Responder systems connect to the alarms on a variety of devices that directly affect patient care.

  • IV pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Patient monitors
  • Telemetry equipment
  • Bed and chair exit pads in acute care and continuing care facilities
  • Doors on locked wards when opened without authorization
  • Patient wandering locators for Alzheimer patients or others

An alarm notification – indicating the nature of the problem and the patient room – can be sent directly to a staff’s wireless device. This integration speeds up response by notifying the room and location of the alarm, especially important at night when fewer staff are on board. Finally, the alarms can be viewed in Responder’s reporting software, so you can gather the call-response data that’s so important in staffing decisions.

Wireless Communication Solutions

Responder 5 Wireless communication keeps everyone in touch

Responder 5 connects patients to staff by linking wireless technologies – phones and pagers, real-time locating systems, electronic staff assignments, and enterprise-wide reporting – with traditional “nurse call” equipment. The result is communication that’s fast and direct.

Quickest Connect Time
Calls get answered immediately – by the right person – quickly, no matter where the nurse is in the hospital. Responder gives nurses the freedom of mobility – the freedom to be productive – while staying within easy reach at all times. The quality of patient care improves, as does the satisfaction of your staff.

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) over a VoIP Network
Because Responder 5 connects nurse call equipment to wireless phones, communication with nurses is direct and immediate. SIP phones make contact instant, and since Responder runs over a VoIP Network, it does not burden your hospital’s LAN or network. No matter what the amount of call traffic, with Responder calls always “get through” – and better patient care is enabled by the fast direct communication, with no stall or delay.

Systems Integration
Responder 5 integrates with any phone vendor (SIP or other), including all major wireless phones. That delivers two benefits to your hospital: 1) your current wireless phones will integrate with your nurse call system and 2) you can use the phone of your choice from the most popular vendors out there.

Better Caregiver-to-Patient Communication
The bottom line is always this: better patient care. With Responder 5, patients get the attention they need, and instant communication with their caregiver.

Integrated Clinical Solutions

Responder's integration with other systems makes For A safer Environment

Infant Abduction Systems
If your infant security is breached, Responder notifies your team immediately via wireless devices. The TV can be incorporated to show the door(s) closest to the alarm.

Patient Wandering
Some patients require more supervision (without sacrificing privacy). By integrating with a patient wandering system, Responder enhances security for vulnerable patients.

Negative Pressure Room Levels
Your negative pressure rooms must operate correctly at all times. Responder can integrate with your isolation room monitoring system to alert you if room conditions are not normal.

Responder communicates with your Software Applications

ADT Systems
Responder systems receives admit, discharge, and transfer (ADT) messages from the main Health Information System. This way, the patient records in your nurse call system are always in sync with the hospital’s information.

Bi-directional EMR System Interoperability
Responder 5 Staff Terminal touch-screens in the patient room allow clinicians to input patient information such as vital signs, urine output, etc directly into the EMR patient record.

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